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Milo, the rescue dog, helps to save the life of an 85-year-old woman

Heartwarming stories of dogs either putting their life on the line or saving people are always bound to cheer one up. Dogs are amazing creatures, who would do everything they can to keep their tribe safe.

One such story is of Milo, a rescue dog. Milo himself is also a rescued dog, who was rescued from Tennessee, US, and put up for adoption by the Humane Rescue Alliance. A beagle by breed is also a trained rescuer dog.

Full of energy, playful and active, Milo is the heart of his owner, Lavelette White. He loves people and is very social. People around Lavelette love Milo because of his adorable and loving nature.

He is two years old. When put up for adoption, Milo was adopted by Lavelette’s granddaughter Makayla Swift. He is very attached to his owner and is a confident dog, who, when the need arises, will do everything he can to protect those around him. Telling a story of how Milo saved his neighbor, Makayla says that one morning, she was on the way to purchase a wedding dress with her friend Marissa Bennette.

Makayla said that she was already late, and she wanted to walk Milo before leaving for shopping with her friend, Marissa, who was also with her during this. In this hurry, she opened the front door, and Milo ran straight out of the room. Swift said she was not able to catch him.

After running out of his house, Milo ran across the street to another house. Once reaching this one, it seemed like he was not satisfied with this house, and he ran to the one next to this house. Makayla was on his tail, trying to stop her dog from doing this. Once he reached the next house, he started scratching on the front door of the house.

Milo had never done this before, and this peculiar behavior was enough to worry Makayla, who was also a bit confused as to why he would do that.

She asked herself why he was trying to break into someone else’s home. She was also embarrassed over the fact that her dog may be disturbing the residents of the house. Obviously, not everyone would take well to a random dog on their property. So, she tried dragging him away. It was then that she and Marissa heard a sound coming through an open window upstairs.

It was a voice and the person inside was screaming for help! On the other side of the door, was Sherry Starr. Sherry recalls the event, saying that she had risen from her bed because she was sure that someone rang her front doorbell. This appeared suspicious to her as it was 4 a.m. in the morning, and it was unusual for someone to come by at this time.

While opening up about the incident, Sherry revealed that she does not open the front door. And, before she does so, she walks to a bathroom upstairs, opens the window, and looks outside before opening the front door. She said that most of the time it’s salespeople and charity solicitors, so she just tells them she does not want anything from the window.

85-year-old Sherry then said that once she saw that no one was at the front door, she turned to exit. Standing there between the toilet and tub, she slipped badly and fell hard on the tile floor of her bathroom.

For an elderly woman, this fall impacted twice as bad as it normally would have. She thought she would be able to get up, but was unable to as she was badly stuck. Despite many tries, she could not remove herself from the floor and was unable to move at all. She got stuck in the narrow gap between the tub and toilet. So badly stuck, that there was no space between her and the tub.

Sherry was also sore from hitting her head on the way down, and she knew that she was going to be badly bruised. However, she was also really scared as she was not able to get up and there was no one who could hear her plea and come to help her out in this frightening situation.

The only chance was for her to scream for help when she heard anyone outside. She heard the squeak of the mailbox lid when the letter carrier came to her home and screamed for help, but no one came to the rescue as her voice was barely noticeable.

According to Makayla, you had to be right at the front door to hear her yell for help, and even then, her voice was faint. Milo, the beagle, with his exceptional hearing ability was able to detect this sound, which was the exact reason why he ran straight to her house when the door of his house was opened.

Paramedics were called to the scene and were able to remove Sherry. Bruised and badly hurt, she was not willing to go to a hospital.

Dogs have the exceptional hearing ability. They can pick up even the faintest sounds. Similarly, they also have a great sense of smell too.

In 2012, researchers published a paper in which they studied empathy in dogs. 18 dogs were tested, and it was observed who they’d turn to, humans who were humming or crying. Almost all of them went to humans who were crying to console them.

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