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Owning a dog reduces anxiety, stress, and depression – Here’s how!

Man’s best friend does not just make an exceptional companion, but also comes with some really powerful benefits for your health.

Owning a dog is anything but easy. Pets require a lot of work and patience, it can get challenging. You need to be responsible, considerate and also, punctual. This means you need to be responsible in taking care of your dog and also be observant of them. However, owning a dog pays off in more ways than you can imagine.

Not only do canines provide you with love, companionship, and affection, but they also help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and improve heart health. Yes, you read that right! Having a dog can have some serious benefits for your physical and mental health.

The power of dogs

Pet owners know the happiness and peace that come with having a pet. But, many of us don’t know that dogs can actually benefit our health. Curious to find out how dogs can help us? Well, you have come to the right place. But, many of us don’t know that dogs can actually benefit our health. Keep reading if you are curious to find out how dogs can help us.

Recently, studies have been conducted into the bond between humans and dogs. It turns out that the bond runs deeper than what was expected before. In fact, this bond is stronger and rigid than previously believed.

Over the years, due to evolution, dogs have become tuned to humans and the way they feel and behave. This means that dogs can sometimes even understand the words that we are saying. Not just this, but it was recently observed that dogs can learn more than a hundred words. They can also read our body language, gesture, and the tone of our voice. Similarly, they look into our eyes and try to get a hint of the emotional state that you may be in right now.

Dogs are sentimental creatures, who are really in tune with their human emotions. So, don’t be surprised if your puppy comes to you and tries to console you when you’re sad.

How dogs improve health

Studies have concluded that:

  • Playing with cats, dogs, or any other pet can increase serotonin levels
  • Dogs help to calm us down and relax
  • Pet owners have a less chance of getting depressed
  • Patients of cardiac arrest with pets survive longer than those who don’t have pets
  • Pets help to decrease blood pressure in situations that are stressful

Doesn’t matter how much you say you are better off alone, the human urge for touch is natural. People want to be touched, loved, and understood. In fact, it is highly important for you medically to interact with people you love.

It turns out that dogs are a perfect replacement for other human beings. They help to fulfill the basic need for love, affection, and socialization. It was observed that even the toughest criminals in prison showed changes in their nature after they interacted with pets. This was because the majority of them were experiencing ‘mutual love’ for the first time.

Having a pet by your side can also decrease feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. When you feel like you are not alone, and actually have someone by your side, you will be much more relaxed mentally.

How pets can help you create a healthier lifestyle

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. It is definitely more than just feeding them and cuddling. The moment you bring a pup home, you will realize the amount of responsibility that you have on your shoulders with this adorable, little addition to your family.

Through them, you are also able to make healthier life choices and create a better lifestyle. Dogs help to increase your exercise. When you take your dog for a walk or a run, you will also get a quick workout in.

According to studies, dog owners are more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements. This time that you will spend with your dog will also help them to bond with you.

The companionship and company that dogs provide can actually help prevent illnesses. It can even increase your life, as isolation can lead to depression. When you care for an animal, you will feel more wanted and loved. It will give you a sense of purpose, and take focus away from your problems, even if just for some time. And to top it all off, your dog can sense when you are sad. So, don’t be surprised if it comes to cuddling with you.

Pets are also an excellent way to meet new people. Take your dog for a walk in a dog park, and you will get the ability to meet other dog parents like you! You will find like-minded people, and who knows, you will even make a few friends here and there.

One thing that comes with a pet is a routine to your day. Pets, like dogs, need a regular feeding and exercise schedule. You need to be consistent with their food and on time. This way, your day will also be a lot more structured, and your productivity will increase as well.

Hence, not only will you be more productive, but this distraction will keep your mind off of certain problems and reduce anxiety. We guarantee you, after a bad day, a wagging tail and set of bright eyes will definitely uplift your mood!

Pets are also great for your children to grow up with. They will also help your kid become a lot more responsible.

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