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Poisonous foods that could kill your dog!

Dogs are absolutely adorable, and who can resist that sweet little face they make when they are begging for you to give them food? Giving them a reward from your own plate can sound pleasant, but if you do not know what you are putting in your dog’s mouth, it could get dangerous.

There are a lot of foods that people eat, which should be kept far away from dogs. Not only could these foods cause your pet to become overweight, but they could also seriously be fatal for their health as well. If you do want to treat your dog to something, go for treats made by dog food brands, and are safe for your canine. You could also look up recipes of foods safe for dogs and recreate them.

Toxic dog foods

Keep your dog strictly away from candy, baked foods, or gum. These could be sweetened using xylitol.  The xylitol in these foods could lead to a decrease in your dog’s blood sugar, and can also cause liver failure. This all could happen in a short amount of time. If you see that your dog has eaten something of that kind, be sure to visit a vet immediately.

Raisins and grapes can lead to kidney failure. Within a day, you will notice your dog getting depressed. If you experience such a change in your pup’s behavior, it is better that you don’t overlook it.

A very obvious one is chocolate. The issue with it is the theobromine in it, which is found in all kinds of chocolates, even white chocolate. It could cause a dog to throw up, and can also lead to death, tremors, and heart problems.

Bones are said to be the norm for dogs, and not many people know that they aren’t beneficial for your pet. Your dog could choke on a bone, and they can also cause splinter or lead to cuts in the digestive system.

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