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Reasons why your dog may be acting out!

Generally, dogs are absolutely loving creatures. They are protective and loyal, however, sometimes they may act out and become aggressive. One question that always irks dog owners is what triggers their pet to act this way?

It is essential to know the difference between being aggressive and reacting. What you think maybe your dog being ‘hostile’ could also be reacting to something.

However, the question is why do dogs act aggressive? We have collected some of the most common reasons behind this!

What may be making your dog act out

The first reason could be sex. Male dogs are said to be more aggressive than their female counterparts. The reason they’re acting this way could be because they are in heat.

Another reason could be that your dog is scared. It may have seen something or heard an abrupt, loud noise that may have caused it to be scared. This can also make them aggressive. In fact, scared dogs are five times more likely to act aggressively than non-fearful ones.

If your dog has suddenly started to act out, another underlying factor could be pain. They may be in excruciating pain, which is compromising their overall health and hence, making them act out.

Age plays a role in this too. Old dogs tend to be more hostile than younger ones. Why? Again, this could be pinpointed as ‘disease’ or pain. It could also be because they have ‘sensory impairment’, which is making it scarier when someone approaches them.

Change can also instill fear in dogs, hence making them aggressive. For dogs, who are not used to living with dogs, it is possible that a new ‘addition’ to the family is rubbing them the wrong way. If you intend on bringing a dog home, and you also own one previously, you need to take specific steps to make this new addition as smooth as possible.

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