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Should you brush dogs with short coats?

Grooming a dog is very important. Constant grooming gives your canine a more clean, maintained look. People assume that since these dogs have a short coats, they do not need constant grooming. They only require baths and nothing more. However, this is not true.

Yes, these dogs won’t get matted hair and tangles like long-haired pups, but they do shed a lot as well. To minimize the shedding to some extent, the dogs need to get brushed and groomed on a regular basis.

To groom your dog, you need to first invest in a brush that is best suitable for your dog. Your dog needs regular brushing and this will be effective only with a brush that is best suitable for short hair. For hair of short length, select a still bristle brush, in which the bristles are tightly pushed together and this will help to remove dead hair more efficiently.

Dogs shed more during a bath, use this to your advantage. After shampooing your dog, brush the coat slowly in the direction of the coat.

You also need to use a shampoo and conditioner that suits their needs. Dogs sleep with us, they are in contact with us regularly. Hence, you need to bathe your canine weekly to remove all the dirt and debris from the hair. You don’t want germs in your house too. Pick out a shampoo that is gentle and rinses easily.

Along with the coat, also take care of your dog’s paw pads. They need moisture and should be moisturized as needed. You need to brush their teeth and take care of their dental health. For ear cleaning, take them to a vet and ask them for guidance on how to do it at home.

To ensure that your dog leads a healthy life, you need to ensure that they are groomed.

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