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Should you keep your dog indoors or outdoors?

There are different ways to take care of your dog, and let’s just get one thing out of the way: there is no ‘one’ right method. It all depends on you and the way you take care of your pet. It all depends on the temperament of your canine too. Whether they want to stay indoors or outdoors, depends on their mood. Which one of these two is the best for your pet? It depends entirely on you.

While dogs are adaptable creatures and will get used to the surroundings that they spend an ample amount of time in, it is up to you to consider the best possible option for them and create an environment that is entirely safe.

The life that is indoors is different from life outdoors. To ensure that your pup lives a life that is healthy and long, you need to put together an area where they are safe, sound, and comfortable.

Indoor Life

For dog owners to keep their dogs indoors is a great way to keep them right in their field of vision. Just because your dog is indoors, doesn’t mean it is completely safe. You need to protect your dog from dangers that could potentially lie inside. To keep your house clean and well-maintained, you will have to dog-proof your home.

If there are any naked wires or dangerous stuff like that lying around, it is best that you hide it from your dog. One way is to crate train your dog for when you leave the home. This way, they will stay in a limited vicinity and not harm you or things in your home.

Keeping your dog indoors with you is also an amazing way to keep them under check. You can notice any odd behavior that they may show and if there are any changes in their bathroom routine, you can also take timely notice of that and rule out any medical complication.

While having an indoor dog is great, they also need exercise and fresh air. Regularly take your dog out for breaks, and take them for walks. Take your dog out to the dog park so they can walk around, it is also an amazing way to get some exercise in, for them and for you too.

This will also help with their boredom, and prevent them from acting out. If you have to stay out of home for long periods of time and feel guilty about not spending time with your pup as you should, there’s nothing to worry about. You can get a dog walker to walk your dog, and there are Doggy Day Cares now that will take good care of your canine while you are gone.

Outdoor Life

There are many owners who keep their dogs outside. The way your dog will adapt to this way of life depends heavily on the personality and characteristics of your pet. Keep in mind that the love and attention your pup would receive when they live outdoors will decrease from the amount of attention they’d receive indoors. Dogs who are accustomed to attention and affection will have a hard time living away from you. Hence, you need to make sure that they keep getting the attention.

To keep your dog outdoors, you need to shield them from potential risks. A good fence is essential. This way, your dog will not run away from home or go far chasing something. You will also have to provide shelter, strong enough to withstand even the most violent storms. You will also have to make the shelter cool in the summers so they won’t feel too hot.


As said above, there is no right or wrong way. Keep the best interest of your dog at heart and pick the thing that you think is right for you and your canine.

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