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Should you take your dog out for a walk in the rain?

Taking your dog out for a walk every day, and making sure that they get an adequate amount of physical exercise is essential in maintaining good health. However, many people believe that it is not good to take your dog out for a walk when it is raining.

According to experts, there are a few things owners should keep in mind when walking their dog in the rain, but in no way is it harmful. Doesn’t matter what the breed of your dog is, what the size or age is, if you want to take them out for a walk in the rain, you absolutely can!

However, you need to take extra steps to ensure their safety.

How you can walk your dog in rain

First things first, make adequate adjustments that will prevent your dog from getting drenched in the rainwater. As humans, we always put a raincoat on before going for a walk. If you are taking your canine out for a walk in the rain, you need to consider investing in a raincoat for your pup. It will ensure they aren’t soaked in rainwater.

It will be tough getting your dog used to coats. Only put them on if your canine is comfortable, and make sure they are easy in their new clothes before you step foot outside the house.

Large puddles can be a threat to your dog. Hence, avoid the puddles to keep your dog safe. You never know what’s under the surface of them, and it could hurt the paws of your dog. If it is raining, you will have to bring all your dog’s stuff inside too, as snails and slugs can leave parasitic larvae.

Then, when you come home from the walk, dry your dog with detail. Use a towel to dry the fur out, and squeeze the excess water, this prevents matting of the fur.

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