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The characteristics of Bloodhounds!

The bloodhound is a popular dog breed, which has gained the utmost popularity over the years. It is a highly intelligent dog, which has a great sense of smell and due to this, is often used by law enforcement.

One question that always arises in people’s minds regarding this breed is whether or not it is friendly enough to be a pet. The short answer to that query is – yes. It is friendly enough to be kept as a pet. In fact, it is a grave misconception that bloodhounds are aggressive and not family dogs.

They are kid-friendly and really affectionate. Not just that, but if you previously own a dog or are thinking of bringing another dog home, you shouldn’t have to worry then too. These dogs are great with other dogs and with strangers. Isn’t that a surprise? Their name may portray them as huge, cold-hearted canines but the reality is that they are really polite and sweet.

When it comes to their needs and necessities, you will need to make adjustments. They do have separation anxiety and don’t do well living alone for long periods of time. They are also not at all apartment-friendly, and this is because of their huge size.

Bloodhounds do shed hair and also drool a lot. They are definitely not easy to groom and will ask for a dedicated amount of your time in maintaining them. They are an intelligent breed, which helps to train them faster. Alongside being groomed, your bloodhound will need a specific amount of exercise daily. They have high energy levels and are playful, hence you need to ensure that the energy is being used somewhere.

They need daily runs and walks. Through a little bit of consistent training, your dog will make the perfect match for your family. Isn’t that great?

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