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The neighbor’s dog saves woman from a life-threatening attack!

A dog has made headlines and for all the right reasons. In Ferguson, Missouri, a dog saved a woman. A local woman of the area was glad to be alive and the reason for her survival goes to a police officer and his loyal dog.

The survivor, named Katherine Rose, said that she was outside of her home. It was then that the dog from neighbor’s dog out of the house and ran straight towards her to attack her. The dog was stuck to her, attacking her, and won’t let go. Katherine was trying to fight back but was unable to do so.

The dog viciously attacked her and injured her finger in the process. Rose said she will have to visit a surgeon to get it checked. It was then that her off-duty neighbor, officer Drew Canaday woke up from his sleep. He, along with his dog, Ozzie, got involved in the action.

The officer found it unsafe to use his weapon to dismiss the dog as he was hanging on to the woman really firmly. It was then that Ozzie, his dog took it upon himself to save the woman. Right on his owner’s commands, he ran straight to the dog and hit it with full force. After getting hit, the attacker dog let go of the arm.

The two dogs started fighting, and it went on for almost twenty minutes. When the attacker dog, Poncho, let go of Ozzie, he ran towards his owner and bit his owner in the calf. Since the attack, they have put the dog down.

While speaking to a news source, Rose said that she is glad the police officer was next to her and saved her life. The dog, Ozzie, has sustained injuries but is recovering well and is not seriously hurt.

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