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The temperament of Doberman Pinscher!

The Doberman has quite the hard reputation. It is said to be a ‘tough’ dog with a sinister temperament. However, people who have had experienced with the breed or interacted with this dog say otherwise. According to them, this breed is gentle, caring and loving. However, if you haven’t ever interacted with the breed and are curious about its temperament; know that is it a very caring and loving dog, but if you threaten or harm it’s ’family’, it will not hold back. 

The breed is very loyal and loving towards its owners. It is highly adaptable and can get used to ant kind of routine. They are also excellent watchdogs, and will not spare anyone who tries to harm you in any way. If you have an apartment, and you are wondering if the dog will be comfortable there, it will. They are apartment friendly, so they won’t have any problem adjusting in limited spaces with you. 

They don’t bark a lot, unless it is absolutely necessary. This is great as your neighbours wont have any issues as well and you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night due to their barking too. Although we love them; barking dogs can break down quality of life. Sometimes, people even give up their dogs because they can’t put up with constant barking.

The dogs are easy to train. They are very sharp and intelligent and are relatively easy to train. If you use reward-based methods of training, it will make your job even easier. However, if you don’t have experience in training canines, it is essential that you get professional assistance. 

These dogs don’t have long costs and hence, they have less grooming needs but at the same time, you will have to brush them every now and then as dogs do shed! 

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