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The Ultimate Guide: How to take care of Rottweilers!

Rottweilers are extremely affectionate canines. They are a robust working breed with great strength. Rottweilers are muscular dogs and are calm and confident. On the other hand, when the need arises, they will also turn to be aggressive.

Rottweilers are well-bred dogs and can get really hyper sometimes. Obviously, to make them the perfect family dog, you will have to train them. However, they aren’t the breed for everyone. They are dominant and bossy, so, you need to establish yourself as the alpha with them. If this is your first time owning a dog, then a Rottweiler might not be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you want to keep a Rottweiler, it is only fair that you learn everything there is to learn about them.

The temperament of Rottweilers

If you want a dog that is loyal and affectionate towards its family, then a Rottweiler is probably the best choice. They are amazing family dogs, and really good guard dogs as well. One thing about them is that they just pick a favorite person and follow them everywhere. Although they are great with kids and other dogs, you need to still never leave your kid or other small animals with your dog unsupervised.

Rottweilers are social, in general. They would easily bond with other dogs and people. But this also depends on the way that they are brought up. If they are isolated in their upbringing, then your canine will experience a tough time getting along with new people.

As they are really close to their families, they will be hesitant before meeting new people. When the need arises, the dogs will bark. Hence, if you hear your quiet Rottie barking, make sure nothing is up.

Taking care of Rottweilers

Obviously, if you are going to keep a dog, you have to take good care of it. Dogs live a limited life, they do not go on to live for sixty years as humans do. For your dog to live a healthy and long life, you need to take good care of them.

Taking care of a Rottweiler is complicated, but not too much. The first thing you need to focus on is their diet.

Your dog will need an adequate amount of dog food, and you also need to make sure that you are feeding them in moderation, not overfeeding them. Without a good amount of exercise, your dog may become overweight and that has its own complications. You can ask your vet for suggestions and even a diet plan for your dog.

You have got a strong and big dog on your hands, hence, training a Rottweiler is mandatory. If you want training sessions to be impactful, use a reward-based system. Remember that this breed is really sensitive, do not scold or yell at them. Be consistent, but gentle, and you will eventually start to get somewhere with your dog.

The breed has short hair. But, they do shed. This is why you need to brush your dog in-depth every few times in the week. They are double-coated, which means that their undercoat blows out spring and fall. You can take your dog to a professional groomer every now and then. However, brushing your dog regularly is essential to get their shedding under somewhat control. You need to cut their nails as well. The breed does not need bathing. But, if your dog has been playing outside and is extremely dirty, only then should you bathe them.

To make sure that the new sofa you bought stays in shape, clip your dog’s nails. If you have not done this before, or your dog hasn’t gotten it done before, get a professional to do it for you. Then, your Rottie will become familiar with the process.

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