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VIDEO: Dog reunited with owners after 3 years!

Losing your pet is never easy. However, do not write your canine off if they are microchipped. Such an incident occurred with this family in Greenville, South Carolina. At the Greenville County Pet Care, a very excited doggy Piper was reunited with her family after being missing for three years!

In the video that was shared with the internet, the dog can be seen extremely excited after seeing her owner again after such a long time. She runs to her owners, Mr. and Mrs. Seay and their happiness is visible from the wiggling of her tail.

While talking about the reunion, the family said that they had no idea where the dog had been for the past few years, but they were also very relieved to know that she was back safe and sound, right where she belongs.

The news has spread like fire on the internet, making dog lovers across the globe emotional at this affectionate reunion. This incident is proof that microchipping your dog is absolutely essential. Not just that, but you also need to make sure that the information that is microchipped is fully correct and accurate.

It is a reliable and trustworthy way to ensure that your pet, whether cat or dog, finds its way right back to you if they wander off to some unknown area while on their daily adventure. Like we said, losing a pet is extremely difficult, pets are like members of the family, and losing them leaves a noticeable void. Hence, you need to make sure that at your end, you have done everything to ensure that if at any point your dog is unable to find its way home, it still has a chance.

If you are yet to get your pet microchipped, let this story inspire you, and give your vet a call right now!  

Watch the video.

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