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WATCH | Dog and owner reunited after five years!

If you are double-guessing your decision to get your dog microchipped, let us tell you a ‘true’ story that will make this decision somewhat easier.

A reunion between a canine and its owner left many people emotional. The owners were able to see their dog once again after a really long time. Five years back, the dog ran away from home. In 2016, Jackie Hollaway, along with her family, lived in Cape Coral with their 7 years old dog.

Tex, the dog, loved to run and it escaped the house, the search for Tex lasted many years but there was no luck. They laminated fliers, drove around, searched Facebook, and asked for help from the neighbors to find their dogs but they were unable to.

The dog was microchipped and the Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS) was told of the missing of the dogs. Weeks passed by and no luck, the weeks then turned into a year and a year into five years. There was no sign of Tex anywhere. It had been a long time since Tex was gone, and its owners had little to no hope left of getting reunited again.

Hollaway said she cried for days. But, after five years, to her excitement, Tex was found running loose and brought to the LCDAS. The owners were notified, and Hollaway was raced to the shelter so she could again see her long-lost dog.

It was then that the two were reunited, Tex was 12 years old now, but despite that health, he was still healthy and well-fed. Everything pointed to the fact that he had spent these five years with someone.

Hollaway was euphoric at the reunion, and she couldn’t help but feel extremely joyful at this blissful news. Part of her was also feeling low over the fact that she had to live without Tex for five years. She said that when you find a stray dog, you should see whether or not it has a chip.

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