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What does lifespan depend on? | Here is how you can ensure your dog lives a long life!

We all love our canines. The best part about owning a dog is the time we spend with them, and the worst part is when they leave us, they leave a huge void in our life that just can’t be filled. As badly as we want them to, dogs cannot live forever – nothing can!

Despite them being such ‘good boys’, they are mortals, who have to leave this world. Anyone who has done it knows how heart-wrenching it is to say goodbye to your pet. If you don’t like goodbyes or want a friend that will live with you for as long as they possibly can, you need to do research on dog breeds that live the longest.

Does the lifespan depend on breed?

One cannot ever predict or say anything about death. Some breeds inherit diseases from their ancestors and some are more prone to certain illnesses, while the others are not. You can’t be sure. But breed does play some role in the lifespan of a dog.

Some breeds are generally healthier, which means that they live comparatively longer. On the other hand, it also depends on how well you take care of them.

Studies have been done into finding out whether or not breed can have an impact on lifespan, and there isn’t much information to give a single answer. One study found that purebred dogs didn’t live as long as mixed breeds.

But, in 2019, it was noticed that dogs that had a mixed genetic history lived three to six months longer than purebreds. The same research also observed that rather than breed, size is a better determinant of lifespan.

How to ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life

Life and death are in God’s hands. There is not much that you can do about it. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your dog lives a long and healthy life.

You need to schedule regular appointments with your vet. In case something is about to go wrong, your vet can pinpoint it ahead of time and treat it.

It is also essential that you keep your dog at a healthy weight. Dogs who are overweight are more likely to develop medical issues that may endanger their health. Dogs that are obese have a higher chance of developing diabetes and respiratory problems, like kidney failure, etc.

If you have a canine in your home, you may also want to put a stop to smoking. Secondhand smoking can damage your dog’s health and also lead to early aging.

Exercise is important in dogs too. This is important, especially if the breed you own has higher energy levels. Schedule playtime with your dog and go on walks regularly.

Dog breeds that live longest

If you have decided that you want to adopt a dog, but are on the look for dog breeds that are healthier and live the longest, we have compiled a list for you!

American Hairless Terrier

This breed is perfect for those who may be allergic to dog hair. The breed is hypoallergenic. This means, they barely shed.

You will be shocked to see how much they act like cats! They are full of love and affection. American Hairless Terriers are playful, but on the same side, they love to cuddle. They do not require a lot of exercises.

They have an average lifespan of fourteen to sixteen years.

Toy Manchester Terrier

Lively and intelligent, this dog breed is one of the sharpest you will ever see. It does not shed as much and has a life expectancy of fifteen to seventeen years.

With this breed, you have a loving companion on your side. They aren’t a huge fan of exercises and would love to take a nap in your lap. However, this breed is prone to a heart condition that can lead to death. That is why it is essential that you talk to your vet before putting your dog under anesthesia.


The Poodle comes in many sizes. The one we are talking about is the Standard Poodle. They are very smart animals and are highly active. You will have to take their exercise needs into consideration.

Poodles are very friendly, so, you don’t have to worry about them being aggressive with family or strangers. Their lifespan is between ten to eighteen years.

This is one of the smartest dog breeds out there, and there are three sizes that you can pick from!


Weighing five to ten pounds on average, this dog breed is a compact one in size. Its life expectancy is between fourteen to sixteen years. If you are looking for a furry companion that will live for long periods of time, this is the one! They are friendly and also, amazing with kids.

It is essential that you puppy-proof your house with this breed, and also train them from an early age.


This breed is highly affectionate and cheerful. They can be destructive and can bark if you leave them alone for long timespans.

They have a life expectancy of fifteen years. However, the longest-living Beagle was Butch, who lived for up to twenty-seven years old


As said above, you cannot predict death. It is in the hands of God. However, there are specific factors that play a role in this.

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