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What is the temperament of Newfoundlands like!

If you are looking for a gentle, kind-hearted giant, then Newfoundland is the one to look for. Newfoundland is a tough and intelligent breed. Although it is a tough breed, it is also a couch potato in the house. The dog’s temperament and love make it an excellent family dog. The dog is great at adapting, and is really affectionate.

The dogs are famous for their sweetness. Even though they are really tough to guard dogs, they are really gentle with the people that they love. Although the dogs are huge in size, they still think they are lap dogs. Hence, they won’t hesitate to sit in your lap.

One thing about this breed is that it gets boring, and when it does, it will start barking, digging, or doing other unneeded behavior. If you are going somewhere, then you need to ensure that you leave something to help stimulate their mind and keep them occupied.

Newfies are amazing watchdogs. They are the perfect guards and will attack anyone who tries to hurt you without hesitation. You will have to groom your dog a lot. Due to their thick coat, they need a dedicated amount of time.

Newfies shed a lot. Hence, you will have to take care of that. The dog is really intelligent. To make it the perfect home dog, you need to start training it the moment you bring it home. As the breed is really intelligent, it won’t be as hard to train the dog.

For first-time dog owners, a Newfie is not the perfect dog to start with. They have a heavy and strong built and are a huge responsibility. They are polite with everyone, so if you have any friends coming over, don’t worry about your pup’s behavior.

All in all, the dogs are adorable and the right pick for you if you want an affectionate canine.

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