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What makes German Shepherds perfect for police work?

German shepherds are easily one of the most common dog breeds across the globe. They are amazing guard dogs and companions. If you are looking for a dog that will protect you from potential intruders, this breed is the go-to!

One thing that German Shepherds are known for is being police dogs. They are popular police dogs and have been used by law enforcement agencies for the longest time to find hints and pick up traces etc. The question that arises here is, ‘what makes the German Shepherd a good police dog?’

The answer to this is that they have an amazing work ethic. They work for long, continuous hours without getting tired easily. The breed is also very sharp and has great strength. They are generally calm and are able to follow commands with great ease and precision.

The dogs have been used for police work for more than 100 years. They were initially bred in the 1900s with the purpose of being working dogs. It was then that a veteran started breeding them for their key traits, like loyalty and persistence, etc.

In the 1930s, they became a highly popular part of the police across the globe. The breed is very athletic and loyal to its handler. They look to make their owner happy with them. Hence, they look at their owners for cues about what to do.

The breed is able to keep its calm in stressful situations. They are committed to protecting their ‘pack’, meaning their owner. Hence, they are very quick to react when the criminal shows aggression or tries to attack. They are able to hunt down criminals very fast and with ease.

The dogs are highly rated for their intelligence and obedience. This is exactly what makes them the ideal work dog, not just in the police work but also for other work like farm, etc.

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