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Why are golden retrievers so happy?

In the dog world, everyone knows about the lively nature of golden retrievers. The breed is always smiling, wagging its tail, and excited at the sight of its owner. A golden retriever’s happiness is so vibrant, it is contagious!

Their nature, affectionate personality, and charming persona are exactly what makes them such a popular choice amongst pet lovers across the globe.

Why Are Golden Retrievers Happy All The Time?

The question that pops up in the minds of many people is why are golden retrievers so happy and friendly? What is it that makes them so cheerful and loving?

Well, there is not one specific answer to that. But, if you’ve ever owned this breed, you will know that they love to make others happy! They thrive on it. Hence, they are always looking for ways in which they can make their human being or other animals around them cheer up.

About the Golden Retriever Breed

The breed is used as a guide dog for people who are unable to see. The reason behind this is their remarkable patience. They are caring dogs and extremely patient, which makes them the perfect companion for humans.

Golden retrievers are also very intelligent, and no matter for how long you were separated, once this dog sees you, it will give you the warmest welcome ever!

Courtesy of their calm demeanor and highly adaptable nature, the breed is very docile and friendly. It is often used as a therapy dog. They also have no problem staying inside your home quietly and are quick to get along with their surroundings.

This is why they are everyone’s best friends. They are very loyal and loved. Hence, if you are looking for a pup that will lighten your mood after a hard day at work, you know exactly which one to choose! They are easy to take care of, get along with, and would make the perfect companion.  

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