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Why do dogs eat dirt? – The reasons behind strange dog behaviors!

Dogs are peculiar creatures, who often indulge in activities that we can’t make sense of. Years of research, observation, and behavior studies on the man’s best friend would suggest that we have extensive knowledge about their behavior, and why they do what they do.

As dog owners, you can probably confirm that sometimes canines do strange things, which leave us questioning everything, aside from their everyday behavior, like showing affection, cuddling, and playing. Since they cannot speak, they are unable to communicate the motive behind these strange actions, and the unknown makes our curiosity grow more and more.

As humans, we can’t help but feel intrigued over everything it is that they do. We want an explanation and answer behind the slightest move, and that’s normal. This curiosity has been the foundation of the years we have spent learning more about these dogs through brief and detailed experiments and studies.

To provide some relief to your intrigued mind, we have gone into the depths of the internet, trying to find an answer to the most asked questions. Below are some of the most common dog behaviors, to which you might want an answer. Hopefully, these descriptions would answer some of your questions.

Peculiar dog behaviors and why they do them

Eating dirt

In more than one instance, you may have witnessed your dog eating dirt. Through this, dogs are able to explore their surroundings. Although there is no medical basis behind it, in some rare cases it could mean that your dog has anemia or pica.

Pica is an eating disorder. In this, your dog will eat things that do not qualify as foods, like rocks, grass, or even paper. While there is no reason to be alarmed when your dog eats grass or dirt, it is important that for your own peace of mind, you take it to a doctor and rule out any medical possibility.

Hole digging

If you have a lawn in your house, and you love to maintain it, then having your dog frequently dig holes in it can be a pain. This behavior can be frustrating if it is out of nowhere. It may be all of a sudden for you, but for your dog, it is natural. It could be possible that your dog is following its instincts.

Huskies, in particular, love to dig holes. It can also be due to your dog wanting to escape the yard or something else that they are afraid of. Your dog can also dig holes if it hears moles or bugs under the ground, wanting to cool off or hide its treats.

Chasing their tail

Of course, one of the most common dog behaviors is chasing its own tail. This is often them being playful and in a witty mood. Tail-chasing is more common if your dog is still an adolescent. Dogs chase their tail because they are learning about their bodies or when they are nervous.

But, if your dog is doing it for a relatively long amount of time, it is possible that your dog can either get injured or something else is wrong. Hence, if the behavior is persistent and for long periods of time, then you need to take your dog to a vet and rule out any medical basis behind it.

Running in circles

While this may seem like it is harmless and just for entertainment purposes, running in circles could mean that your dog is feeling anxious. It is completely harmless for your dog to circle in their beds before going to sleep, to make it better suited for a nap.

If this is happening way too often, discuss this with a vet. Especially if your dog is aged, spinning could be the indication of a neurological, hearing, or vision issue. It can also be a symptom of anxiety. So, examine what it is that is making your dog anxious.


We get it that you don’t want your dog to drench you in its saliva by constant licking. However, the reason behind this might actually make you change your mind. Dogs lick humans to show that they love you, it is also why many people classify them as kisses.

The way dogs show love is by licking either you or other dogs. It is a completely natural activity that is done by dogs. According to some researchers, licking is a sensory tool, which is similar to touching something for dogs.

Another reason could be that dogs lick their pups and littermates in order to groom them or for other social reasons. So, this behavior is carried by them into adulthood.

Eating poop

One behavior that tends to worry dog owners a lot is their canine eating its own poop. Once we witness them doing this, we start pondering over why it is happening.

According to science, 25% of dogs show this behavior. It can be due to malabsorption diseases, but it could also be your dog’s survival instinct. If you are potty training your dog, the fear of negative repercussions can also inspire this behavior. So, if there is an accident inside the house, do not heavily punish your dog.

Sniffing butt

If you have kept multiple dogs, then you may have seen one dog sniff the other’s butt. It is their way of sensing whether the other dog is a friend or enemy. Due to their 300 million olfactory receptors, dogs can determine whether the dog/person they are sniffing is female or male, scared or stressed.

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