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Why do dogs tilt their heads? | Research finds an answer!

Dogs are adorable creatures. They are cute inside out and are really innocent creatures. Canines love their human-like no other, are loyal to the core, and never run out of love to give. These goofy little creatures sometimes do things and exhibit behaviors that we can’t always explain.

With the help of research and science, experts have been figuring out more and more about dogs every day. Due to these experts, we have been able to understand the motive behind a lot of what our dogs do.

One question that remains is why do dogs tilt their head? We may have noticed that our dogs randomly tilt their head when we talk to them, and the question is, why do they do so? It seems like the answer to this query has been found too. According to a recent study, the reason dogs tilt their head is when they are performing a taxing task. The task could be asking them to get a toy from the other room. When we ask our dogs that, they not only have to retrieve the said toy, but also recognize the name that is in the command, recall it in their memory and then go and get it. This means dogs tilt their head when they are tasked with a job that requires mental action, ability, and concentration.

In the study, there were around forty dogs were observed. It was found that canines who were efficient at fetching their toys and recalling them would tilt their head when they heard the command, they exhibited this behavior more often than their counterparts, who didn’t recognize the game.

There may also be a chance that the reason dogs tilt their heads is to pay attention. It is also possible that when dogs do so, they are matching a name to a visual image when they hear the name of their toy.

The true and singular answer to this question is still somewhere out there and yet to be found. One reason why a dog tilts its head is also that they just want to. Research that was conducted previously used brain scans to check that the right side of the brain is more active in processing words of praise and affirmations. A lot more digging and research have to be done to get the right answer to this question.

For now, dogs tilting their head is just an interesting habit that we still need to know more about. There are many things that dogs do that entertain us, and at the same time, leave us scratching our heads.

Things like, running in their sleep or pretty much barking at nothing, are funny to see and observe but at the same time, they are really intriguing. You can never really be sure about the reason behind why dogs act this way and continue to do so. Certainly, the fact that they cannot talk and tell humans their intentions doesn’t help too.

Hence, everything that has been found to date about dogs is based on guesses and observation. You can never be 100% sure about things. While we have come a long way from where we once used to be, we still have a long way to go in understanding dogs, a really long way in fact.

For now, let us just make peace with the fact that canines are indeed our best friends, loving companions, and just a really great gift from mother nature. Certainly, their domestication has changed a lot about them, could it be possible that further domestication changes their behavior even more? Dogs did indeed go from hunters and guards to just friends.

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