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Why dogs bark and how to stop them from doing so!

Dogs communicate with us using body language and by vocalizing, there is no lie in that. Barking is one of the most commonly used methods of communication by canines. However, consistent barking without any ‘reason’ can bother owners and also neighbors.

Dogs bark due to different situations, and these barks could have different meanings. They serve a greater purpose than we think they do. There could be many reasons that your dog is barking. It is possible that it is scared, nervous, excited, or irritated. Normally, dogs change the pitch of their bark and the space in between them to communicate. If the pitch is lower, then the bark could mean something serious.

Why your dog may be barking

It is also possible that your dog is bored and needs your company, hence, it is barking to make you notice it. One cannot fully tell the reason behind why their dog is barking, and in order to understand it, there are multiple factors that you need to consider. You need to see if your pet is fed, or there isn’t something around that may be scaring it. So, you need to always take into consideration the context.

Consistent barking can relatively lower the quality of life, and also, bother those living around you. Hence, you need to pay attention to what it is that may be causing your dog to bark and take the best suitable measures to fix it.

When there are more barks, it means that your dog is aroused. Similarly, if your dog just barks once, it could mean that it is agitated. You cannot fully determine the reason behind these barks because of the frequency, so, it is essential that you always take into consideration the context.

If your dog has started to bark more frequently, and can’t seem to stop, you need to get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution for it.

How to fix the barking issue

For attention

It is possible that your dog is trying to get your attention. If you give your dog attention when they bark, there is a chance that it has become a habit. Under such circumstances, try doing this

  • Ignore your pet
  • Wait for a few seconds after your dog becomes silent and reward it with a treat

Through this, your dog will learn that when it will bark, it won’t get anything out of you. One way to get rid of negative habits in dogs is by ignoring them. Ensure that your dog is barking only to get your attention, and not to tell you something important.

Amused barking

Your dog might recognize that you are about to feed it or it is going for a walk and may start barking. Dogs start to bark when they get excited. If your dog does this, then here is what you have to do

  • Drop the leash
    Sit down
  • Keep repeating these steps until your dog becomes quiet
  • If you attach the leash without your dog barking, but the vocalization continues after your step out of the house, come back inside

In the case of your dog barking when it goes out in the backyard, you need to

  • Bring it inside and allow her only when she is quiet
  • Keep repeating this if needed
  • Never leave your dog in the backyard unattended


If your dog is reacting at other dogs or people inside or outside the house, it is possible that your dog may not be getting enough socialization and feels uneasy.

In such cases

  • Enroll your dog in a program where it learns to deal with social situations
  • Give your dog quality time in a safe area behind a baby gate


Separation anxiety can be a big problem for dogs, it is possible that your dog is barking because it is missing you. Some dogs stop barking after some time, but others will keep barking until their dog comes home.

If your dog is struggling with separation anxiety, get a trainer to help them with it. Trainers are better equipped at handling such situations as separation anxiety is difficult to deal with.


If your dog is consistently barking, one reason could be that it is noticing something you cannot see or hear. Dogs are sensitive to sounds they hear in the distance, and sometimes you can’t listen to these sounds.
You may wonder why your pet starts barking out of nowhere at night. This happens because your dog heard something you did not.

How to deal with barking

Your dog may be vocalizing to let you know that it is in pain or hurt. Hence, you need to first ensure that your dog is not sick or hasn’t sustained any injuries. To do this, take your dog to a vet and get them closely examined.

If your dog is perfectly healthy, you need to look at other solutions. One of them is to give your dog an outlet and ensure they get enough physical and mental stimulation. You can get them a chewing toy, play with them or take them out for a walk. When you keep them busy with such alternatives, your dog won’t bark unless something is seriously long.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that when dogs bark, do not shout at them. Instead, stay calm and patient. Dogs learn a lot by watching people, and you need to set an example.

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