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Why you should microchip your dog!

You have often read about stories of dogs getting reunited with their owners after ages, and when you come across these stories, you may wonder how it all became possible. Normally, the hero behind such situations is microchipping.

What is microchipping? It is a process in which a chip is installed in between a pet’s shoulder blades. It is recommended by vets etc. In countries like Scotland, England, and Ireland it has become law.

If you need convincing as to why you still need to get your dog microchipped, below are a few reasons.

Why you should get your dog microchipped

If you think you won’t ever lose your dog, you’re wrong. Even if your canine stays indoors at all times, there could be an incident where your dog finds an open door and runs outside. Let’s say your dog has a collar, it could easily break off or fall too. A microchip is a much more reliable way to get your contact information.

Having a microchip will increase your dog’s chances of coming home significantly. There could be someone who finds your dog and gets it scanned, and when they do, their information would easily be found from the microchip.

Microchipping is not that hard; it takes an equal amount of time as giving your dog an injection. More time is wasted on paperwork, than implants. It is a large needle and your dog may feel a pinch.

If you have a dog and you’re still wondering about whether or not you should get your dog microchipped, remember that it will increase the chances of your loved canine coming home. It will also cut down the rate of stray dogs, crowding at shelters, and euthanasia rates. These problems are getting worse.

Many times, stray dogs make their way to shelters where there is no information about their previous owners. This is where microchipping comes in handy.

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